Why choose PSC Connect Life New Zealand?

Life Insurance Advisors

Owning your own Life adviser business in partnership with PSC Connect Life NZ (PSCCLNZ) gives you the best of both worlds: building your independent business brand while being provided with best practice advice tools, operational as well as regulatory support ensuring your business is ready for the upcoming Financial Services Legislation Amendment Act (FSLAA).

PSCCLNZ’s bespoke Statement of Advice (SOA), generated through a risk wizard integrated with IRESS’s Risk Researcher, is one example of the great advice tools we provide to our network. Recently, our SOA was applauded by one of NZ’s largest life insurance companies as being an example of the best in the market.  Our advisers are enjoying the ease of generating this while their clients are receiving quality researched advice.

Other PSCCLNZ network benefits we offer our Life adviser businesses include:

  1. The opportunity to work closely with our PSC Connect NZ General insurance advisers and the 10,000 clients in our existing General insurance adviser business network
  2. Compliance and Regulatory support backed by our integrated PSCCLNZ systems and processes to guide you through the advice process
  3. Professional Development opportunities and Sales support, including regular mentoring sessions, with our National Manager, Steve Morris. Steve has a successful 30-year career in New Zealand as a Financial Adviser and Adviser Business principal.
  4. Xplan CRM licence we have designed specifically for our PSCCLNZ Life and medical insurance adviser businesses complimented by PSCCLNZ’s centralized bespoke commission payment system, CommPay, from which provides regular reporting to Advisers.

PSCCLNZ has been open for business since 2019 and invites Life insurance advisers to contact us and find out more about the opportunities we are creating for Life advisers who are now growing their businesses in partnership with PSC Connect Life NZ.


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